Mubarak Would You Step Down Already?

After 11 days of your people rallying up together, never standing more firm in the resignation of another leader, you say you ain’t going.

If you look out your window, dear sir, you’ll find that your own people hate you and want you to leave. You can only blame yourself Mubarak. You can blame it on the crap that you are forcing on your own people. Are you so stupid to think that your people will just sit still and keep their mouths shut with all of your bullshit?

Mubarak, do Egypt and the world a favor. We don’t want you. We don’t need you. You can’t run your own life much less a country. A country as great as Egypt. You give it a bad name with every minute you stay in power when NOBODY wants you.

Give it up already. You don’t belong. And if you think that your staying is going to eventually silence your own people, you are sadly mistaken. Egypt diserves freedom to choose who leads them. They have that right. And with every second you keep ignoring your people, they will eventually get stronger and take you down by force.

It’s best if you’d just step down now pal. You’re only fooling yourself at this point.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by vrax on March 1, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    “Mubarak, do Egypt and the world a favor. We don’t want you.don’t need you. ” I’m an idiot and don’t understand English well enough to comment on your great post. I love America and stand behind everything they do. Also, did I say I’m an idiot? Because I am 🙂



  2. I’m guessing you’re not from Egypt or America. That’s ok. I will let you in on last month’s news. He’s OUT! He didn’t listen to the will of America, but to the WILL OF THE MIGHTY PATRIOTS OF EGYPT!!! You are an idiot for even thinking America could out him. Idiot. And yes I edited your post because it makes no difference what you think. So…


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